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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FW: Some interesting stuff



Hi All: As June approaches here are a couple of interesting Interactive web sites that you may find interesting.


The first is the Open File Interactive Census Map.

Here is how it works!

Statistics Canada loves numbers. In fact, it provides so much data, the problem becomes: how to present it?

Including new data today on the age and sex of Canadians, StatsCan has now released three sets of data since it conducted the 2011 census. The other two are the geographic boundaries it uses to define the country (down to the block level) and population and dwelling counts.

Nowadays, a journalist’s first instinct is to link the data sets together and plot them on a Google Map. However, limits on Google Maps mean it’s incapable of handling even a quarter of the StatsCan data.

We solved the conundrum by creating an entire new mapping system that sits on top of Google

Maps -- except instead of including lakes, parks and roads, ours only includes StatsCan boundaries. Our web servers give your web browser these special maps and the statistics that accompany them, and your web browser turns those thousands of numbers into a giant paint-by-number.

We handled the big picture. Now it’s your turn to zoom in. Find yourself; find your neighbours; and find out how you fit into this crazy country.

Adam Hooper


The other is   Once again from our colleagues in Australia. It is called “ Field Papers” and it come courtesy of Stephen Matthews from Ballarat Grammar. He describes it a being able to create base maps anywhere in the world and so much more. Have a play with Field Papers at

Here is how it works !

Field Papers allows you to print a multipage paper atlas of anywhere in the world and take it outside, offline, in the field. You can scribble on it, draw things, make notes. When you upload a snapshot of your print to Field Papers, we'll do some magic on the server to put it back in the right spot on the map. You can transcribe your notes into digital form and share the result with your friends or download the notes for later analysis.

You don't need a GPS to make a map or learn complicated desktop GIS software to use Field Papers. It's as easy as print, mark, scan.

This project is a continuation of Walking Papers, which was built for the OpenStreetMap (OSM) editing community. Field Papers allows you to print multiple-page atlases using several map styles (including satellite imagery and black and white cartography to save ink) and has built in note annotation tools with GIS format downloads. Field Papers also supports user accounts so you can save “your stuff” for later, or use the service anonymously.


Also Remember the June TGTA social



You are invited to the annual

Toronto Geography Teachers Association Social

Thurs. June 14th, 2012 à 4:30-6pm

Walk T.O. - Revitalize This! The Urban Geography Tour

Starting at Riverdale Farm, see attached for more details

-Geography trip possibilities will be discussed with a tour guide

- 1 ½ hour walk and discussion

- social to follow at Stout Irish Pub - 212 Carlton St.

A Free Event!

RSVP to Dimitra Tsanos by June 10th  -



Walk T.O. leads hip, guided walking tours for schools, corporate groups, visitors and Torontonians. Our city walks explore the guts of Toronto – talking about the people, social and environmental issues, history and cultural movements that build our city.

Enjoy Mark


Mark Lowry

Geography and Geotechnologies Instructional Leader

Social World Studies and Humanities

Toronto District School Board

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Tel; (416) 394-7269

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