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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FW: Geography: The Arbiter of Power




This is a very good relatively  non partisan think tank which has its research papers currently on its web site gratis. All you need to do is sign in with an e-mail . Great for world issues and other senior courses.  There is a very good article on Spring Break in Mexico and the security concerns . enjoy Mark


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Geography: The Arbiter of Power

For Stratfor, geography is an introduction to how the world works.

We look beyond the ideologies and policies of leaders to the underlying physical realities of place. These realities define how a nation develops, how it interacts with its neighbors, whether it is exploratory or isolationist, rich or poor, powerful or weak.

The constraints of geography define what is impossible, what is possible, and often times, what is probable. Stratfor always begins with what is possible after geography's impossibilities are accounted for.

Check out these 3 insightful reports that follow Stratfor's geopolitical approach

The Geopolitics of the U.S.: The Inevitable Empire
The Americans are not important because of who they are, but because of where they live.

Russia's Geographic Challenge (Video)
Senior Analyst Lauren Goodrich explains the geographic impetus behind Russia's need for regional dominance.

The Geopolitics of Israel: Biblical and Modern
Geography has shaped Israeli foreign policy for nearly 3,000 years, independent of policymakers, technology or neighbors.

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