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Monday, February 24, 2014

Canadian Geographic Energy Map

Great Experience available .

As it happens the Canadian Geographic Energy Map which is presently in the TDSB is available for 2 other schools . I will handle the cost of shipping from school to school . It is finishing up at Don Valley Middle school on Wednesday February 26 and would be available to go to a school on the morning of the 27th . It is suggested that a school have it for 3 days so :

·         One school Feb27 until March 3rd ( morning )

·         March 3rd afternoon until Friday March 7th   (morning )


Unrolled, the map is roughly 8m x 11m so most school s have used it in either a Gym or a cafeteria

It come with a truck of lessons and activities. If you would like feedback on its utility please feel free to contact;


Kanerva, Taina


Please also let your teachers know that they can view our lesson plans before the map comes. The complete teacher’s guide and activities can be viewed on our website.

Here are the shipping instructions:

Map shipping tube size is: 15” x 86 “, weight is about 75-100 pounds.

Trunk size is: 32” x 18” x 22.5”, weight is about 50 pounds.


The schools responsibility is to roll it up to have ready for shipping at the required time . As we only have time for two schools  it is on a first come first serve basis .

Please feel free to contact me with any questions . Those schools that have used it have found it to be very engaging and a great place to start inquiry in the classroom


Cheers Mark



Mark Lowry

Geography and Spatial Technologies Instructional Leader

Social World Studies and Humanities

Toronto District School Board

1 Civic Center Court, Toronto , M9C 2B3

Tel (416) 394-7269   Cell (416) 576 -4515


twitter @geogmark




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