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Friday, March 1, 2013

ArcGIS 10 lessons

I have now posted a number of ESRI – Canada Lesson Packs for ArcGIS 10 in the GIS portal.

These are all I the form of Zipped lessons . ( Esri  needs to do this for downloading purposes) . Some of these are old nuggets and others are new. There are a couple of History ones also though the world war two one could be used as an addendum to a world issues or human course (not so sure of T&T) .

You can get any of these lessons also by going to the ESRI Canada education  website

( I have created a shortened URL)

I will post new lessons to this site as they become available .

Just a Quick reminder on how to activate the GIS portal on you TDSB computers.

  1. Copy the attachment called “copy of” to your desktop
  2. Rename this attachment “ Arcview.bat”
  3. Move this into your home or shared drive
  4. Double click on it and you will see a quick black window open and close
  5. When you check in your drive you will now see a new drive called “ gisdata on TDSB……..”
  6. You and/or your students will need to do this every time you log on to the computer
  7. I suggest that you unzip to a student folder that they are using



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