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Monday, October 22, 2012

OAGEE conference is over for another year

Hi All ; well the OAGEE conference is over for another year and as always it was a fabulous conference. It was great to see many Geographer teachers from the TDSB and environs at the conference. The speakers, field trips  and workshops were great.  It was a distinct honour to present one of Our Own “Ethel Johnston “ with the OAGEE award of distinction .the OAGEE award that goes to an Ontario Educator who is passionate about and exemplifies great Geographic education within the Province of Ontario. The could be no  more fitting recipient that Ethel. I am also pleased to announce that Paul Hackl has become the new regional rep for the TDSB as Ewan Geddes moves into the role of VP for Membership . TDSB will certainly be well represented. We did hear from the ministry that things are still on track for the roll out of the new curriculum with the elementary some time right around Christmas and the secondary in the late winter. There will be much more to come on that front .

A reminder !! the TGTA tour of the new waterfront and social after is on for this Wednesday ( October 24th ). Please email Dimitra for details .


Here are a few resources that I have gleaned over the last couple of day’s. I especially recommend the Paul Nicklen Ted talk . It is a great minds on for all ages.

Interesting  geography  stuff


Ted Talk -Paul Nicklen: Tales of ice-bound wonderlands

Diving under the Antarctic ice to get close to the much-feared leopard seal, photographer Paul Nicklen found an extraordinary new friend. Share his hilarious, passionate stories of the polar wonderlands, illustrated by glorious images of the animals who live on and under the ice.

Paul Nicklen photographs the creatures of the Arctic and Antarctic, generating global awareness about wildlife in these isolated and endangered environments.

Fabulous minds on to introduction to the Arctic- Images are exquisite


Ted Talk -Aris Venetikidis: Making sense of maps


Map designer Aris Venetikidis is fascinated by the maps we draw in our minds as we move around a city -- less like street maps, more like schematics or wiring diagrams, abstract images of relationships between places. How can we learn from these mental maps to make better real ones? As a test case, he remakes the notorious Dublin bus map. (Filmed at TEDxDublin)

Great for Senor Students

Ted Talks can be downloaded for future viewing if you are having trouble with them buffering

80% of Americans Live Within 20 Miles of a Starbucks

Ah, Starbucks: You know you're in civilization when you're near one, and now, you can see just how ubiquitous it is with this map of the U.S. based on Starbucks locations by If We Assume's James R. A. Davenport


These are rescooped articles from a

"Geo enthusiast and professional. My interests include Remote Sensing, Geography, Cartography, GIS, Spatial Analysis, Geospatial Sciences, Geopolitics, Geomatics" use the scoop it app

Another Scoop it individual is Seth Dixon whose GEOGRAPHIC  EDUCATION  scoop it Blog is quite interesting. He identifies it as ‘Global news with a spatial perspective: resources for educators and the inherently inquisitive.”





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