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Monday, October 1, 2012

Interesting tidbits to start off October

From the Sunday Star
So much for the Gardner
The Revenge of Geography
I would also like to thank Shawn Hughes from Kawartha Pine ridge for highlighting the Sunday Q& A with Robert Kaplan “ Revenge of Geography Author” .It really bring the What is where concept into Play.
“The word geography connotes a musty one-room schoolhouse. But I’m standing athwart this whole school of opinion to say “no.” Mountains, promontories, rivers are still important. What defines a country even more than its political system is its position on the ground.”- What is Where!!
Here is an Interesting premise from the N.Y. Times .
Here is a map of what could possibly be the world’s newest international borders.
Tourism bright spot in global economy: UN body
By Katell Abiven | AFP – Thu, Sep 27, 2012
India’s urban future
India needs to get better prepared for a boom in urban living
Sep 30th 2012, 16:36 by The Economist online
Still two-thirds rural, Indians are set to move to town at an increasing rate. So it’s a shame that the country is so bad at managing its huge cities
Good video presentation

Thirsty work
Sep 24th 2012, 16:04 by The Economist online
How long does it take to afford a beer?

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