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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FW: OAGEE 2012 Fall Conference - Updates

Hi All; Just a quick update on the OAGEE Conference and OAGEE membership . OAGEE  has now instituted a department membership . this is a membership for 3 teachers in a department with a savings of over $60. Please see the attachment. I know there is great confusion within the province about what we should do or not do. I guess my only advice is not to penalize yourself . We are know how positive it is to be among colleagues during times of upheaval. An to get some Unbelievable PD to boot.  I also would like to make that comment that OAGEE is an association to advance Geographic and Environmental Education to all of you who are teaching Geography and environmental ed. It is not does not want to be an organization that is focused only on those who consider themselves the specialist teacher. OAGEE through the membership , Monograph (OAGEE Journal), website , and conference are there to support all teachers of geography 7-12 in Ontario whether you are teaching senior classes or I class of grade 9 applied ( where the last geography you had was grade 9 yourself ) or you are a grade 7or 8 teacher who is teaching Geography as part of your core curriculum . OAGEE is there to support you all. If you have any questions specifically about OAGEE please feel free to contact Ewan Geddes at MacDonald


On another note regarding resources, the STRATFOR Global Intelligence    Think Tank out of the US has some interesting free resources.Stratfor is a privately owned publisher of geopolitical analysis. Their analysts use a unique, intel-based approach to study world affairs.”( their words)

I especially like their Country Geographic Challenge series which are quite short and timely . they give a quick overview that certainly supports the geographic underpinnings of “What is Where, Why They , & Why Care” (the lens of all Geography)

Here is an example of the “Egypt’s Geographic Challenge”


Enjoy Mark

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From: Shawn Hughes []
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 12:10 AM
Subject: OAGEE 2012 Fall Conference - Updates


If you have ever attended an OAGEE Fall Conference, you have experienced that feeling of being reenergized and revitalized when you step into the classroom on Monday morning. The amount of hands-on, classroom-ready material that you will receive at the 2012 Fall Conference in Kingston Ontario (Oct. 19 & 20) will prove to be incredibly beneficial. Please take the time to register in September at (click on the Conferences tab). If you are not able to attend the conference, presenters from the Fall Conferences are able to share their resources with OAGEE members on the OAGEE website at (click on the Conferences tab).


Recently, OAGEE reinstated Department Memberships as members will be able to monitor the names associated with a Department Membership through the OAGEE website. Teachers will be able to make the necessary changes to their Department Membership throughout the calendar year (the power of the Internet!). OAGEE is in the process of revising our online registration at to accommodate Departments. Be patient with us! Currently, you can register online for your Department Membership and simply email us the names of the 2 additional teachers for a savings of $60!


OAGEE Members must be current members in order to attend the Fall Conference. In makes sense that you must be a current member in order to attend a conference. Often, many teachers renew their membership in order to attend the Fall Conference. However, this secures their membership for the current calendar year.




We hope to see you there. It's going to be a blast!....and educational :)

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