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Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela - some resources etc




Nelson Mandela

Resources, activities & supports


Nelson Mandela death: A life in pictures

BBC Africa gallery of Mandela’s life


Reaction to Nelson Mandela's death

Various leaders and individuals from around the world responding to Mandela’s death

PHOTOS: How The World Is Celebrating The Life Of Nelson Mandela

How social media reacted to Mandela’s death


Nelson Mandela's death leaves South Africa wondering where to go next?

The death of Nelson Mandela will shake South Africa to its core, no less than the deaths of John F Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales delivered shell-shocked newscasters, public demonstrations of grief and interrogations of the American and British psyches. That death in old age does not fit the proper definition of "tragedy" will not console the millions who grew up with him as a constant presence, like a grandfather, and feel the loss just as keenly.

Good for gr 12 world Issues

Nelson Mandela, 1964: 'I am prepared to die' - audio recording of speech at sabotage trial

Extracts from Nelson Mandela's statement from the dock at the opening of his trial on charges of sabotage at the supreme court of South Africa in Pretoria on 20 April 1964. Mandela, leader of the African National Congress and of the struggle against the racist apartheid regime, was given a life sentence, of which he served 27 years, most of which was in the prison on Robben Island


Mandela Video’s

UNICEF mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela

Published on Dec 5, 2013

UNICEF joins millions of people around the world who mourn the loss of 
Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa.
For more information, visit:

Nelson Mandela's Life Story

The 13-minute video documentary of Mandela's life has been provided by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, which has given the UN permission to use it.

History Channel - Miracle Rising South Africa [ Full Movie ]

Special AKA - Free Nelson Mandela (TOTP)

April 1984 performance from Top Of The Pops, as rebroadcast on TOTP2. Love the drummer's expression at the audience's failure to clap along properly...

Significance is was before he was released

The Specials - Nelson Mandela

Remembering South African leader Nelson Mandela

PBS retrospective Published on Dec 5, 2013

Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa credited with ending apartheid there, died in Johannesburg on Dec. 5, 2013. Former PBS NewsHour correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault takes a look back at Mandela's life and legacy.

Activities & Lessons

Nelson Mandela- OXFAM Education

Explore the life of Nelson Mandela and the difference between fact, fiction, and opinion.

Explore the life of Nelson Mandela and the differences between biography and autobiography with these materials for English and Literacy. Also good for grade 7&8 geography

The lessons develop critical reading skills, invite shared discussion, and provide the opportunity for pupils to develop their own writing skills.

They also provide ideas for discussing the difference between explicit and implicit points of view, and the differences between first and third person narration.


Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

A group of lesson activities

“Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” tells the inspirational story of one of the greatest leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela. From his humble beginnings in Transkei, South Africa, to his 27-year incarceration for treason, to his eventual release to become the president of a fully participatory, democratic South Africa, the story of Mandela provides educators with an opportunity to dive into the issues of freedom and forgiveness, equality and equanimity, reconciliation and redemption. With that in mind, we have created the “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Educator’s Guide”.

Education is a vital component of furthering the film’s–and Mandela’s own–message. The classroom lessons that accompany the film not only examine this explosive period in the history of South Africa, but also afford an opportunity to explore current events in Africa, America and around the world through the lens of an incredible person and his incredible story


South Africa After Ten Years of Freedom

Lesson plans from PBS


South Africa: fast facts

South African facts at your fingertips … up-to-date information on the country's economy, population, geography, climate, languages and more.

Read more:


CIA Fact Book on South Africa


South Africa – facts and pic’s



Other Images


A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

We are proud of our long and special relationship Nelson Mandela, who has served as our Goodwill Ambassador since 2005. His triumph over racism is a history-making achievement, and forever part of humanity’s common heritage, safeguarded as UNESCO World Heritage and Memory of the World. His life is an education to us all -- we must help others, reach across all dividing lines, and cherish the world we live in.


This is a very good example of the essence of a Geographic Inquiry

Certainly for our students we need to make the ‘what is where’ connection

Which logically moves into the Inquiry or ‘WHY THERE’

And then or need in to day’s world and specifically on Mandela’s Death



Create your own spatial journal or Story Map for Nelson Mandela


Here are some kmz(kml) files to get started- All you need to do is Click on them and they will open in Google Earth ( or faiuling that drag them into open Google Earth 0


Birth place of Nelson Mandela.kmz


Some Maps images ( but better to create your own)



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