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Thursday, April 11, 2013

don't panic 2nd Geo-spatial Technologies learning module

I couldn’t help myself however here are a few great resources that I think some of you may enjoy and use!!
Why do Map Projections Matter?
This is a clip from the TV show West Wing (Season 2-Episode 16) where cartography plays a key role in the plot.  In this episode the fictitious (but still on Facebook) group named “the Organization of Cartographers for Social Justice” is campaigning to have the President officially endorse the Gall-Peters Projection in schools and denounce theMercator projection.  The argument being that children will grow up thinking some places are not as important because they are minimized by the map projection.
When students ask why do we care about various map projections play this. It is extremely well done ,( in my opinion)

Tuesday April 9, 2013
Here are some pictures. Were they taken in space, or painted here on Earth?
One of the most enduring and inspiring side effects of space exploration is the pictures -- pictures of Earth taken from new heights; pictures of Earth's neighbors, taken from new angles; pictures that resemble, and in fact are, art. They are magical. They are mysterious. They are weird. They suggest, if they don't fully embody, why we go to the trouble of exploring in the first place.
And they often resemble art of a more earthly variety. Below is a collection of images -- some of them created by prolific space photographer Chris Hadfield, taken from the International Space Station (we'll call those "NASA"), some of them created by nearly-as-prolific painters here on Earth (we'll call those "MOMA"). Here's a game: Can you tell the difference between the two?
I certainly had fun with it
Here’s The Simpsons and what they have to say about outdoor education in these 4 clips chopped up. Terrific conversation starters on so many fronts as only Bart and the boys could do.
Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology
This is the review of a book but it gives enough info to make it of interest especially as we discuss GIS applications. Hard to believe the lengths that pet owners will go to . Read some of the comments also.

Global wealth inequality: What you never knew you never knew!!
If you though the video on America’s wealth was revealing well this 4 minute video takes it to the global level!! Great for World Issues , human and environment and resource management .
Plate Tectonics Introduction
Interest method of presentation. Great for quick grade 7 or 9 introduction. Or for that matter our grade 12’s who have decided to disregard any physical geography.  
Where are Quebec's Anglos? Map of population distribution from 2011 Census
Explore the map to find out where Anglophones live across the province. The map is based on Statistics Canada census data from 2011. It indicates the number of people in Quebec's census districts who self-indentify as Anglophone: meaning they selected English as their mother tongue; they selected English and French as their mother tongue; they selected English and a non-official language as their mother tongue; and a percentage of those who say English is the language most often used at home. Census districts where there is no data available are also indicated on the map. Curious about how Statistics Canada calculates the number of Anglos in Quebec?.
Also as I have mentioned a couple of times Malcolm MacInerneys blog from Australia has fabulous stuff in it !
This weeks is entitled “Beyond colouring in! Creative Geography teaching” and a number of interesting links .

Finally I would like to thank Paul Van Zant from the  Peel board for passing on Peter Mansbridge’s take on teachers. Boy there are days when we all need to re-read it .
worth sharing...
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