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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

resources for great lakes and Climate change

Here are a few resources to enhance teaching of the Great Lakes and Climate Change

A resource on climate change from the Council on Foreign Relations (independent think tank).
covers many of the geopolitical, economic and environmental issues that confront the Earth as global temperatures rise. Rather than produce a full length feature film, they have organized the this as an interactive video, allowing the user to get short (a couple of minutes) answer to specific questions about the science, foreign policy or economic ramifications of adapting to climate change.
A fantastic free resource to teach climate change and environmental issues
Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes
Though nearly 50 years old this is still a gem.  Students initially think it is hokey but become very engaged. Great way to introduce Geologic history of the Great Lakes Basin.
“this short documentary from conservationist Bill Mason, he illustrates that although the Great Lakes have had their ups and downs, nothing has been harder to take than what humans have done to them lately. In the film, a lone canoeist lives through the changes of geological history, through Ice Age and flood, only to find himself in the end trapped in a sea of scum.”
This has been around for a couple of years but it’s interactive nature and multimedia nature makes very engaging .
The story of the last great supply of fresh drinking water on earth

Map of great lakes freight
Great annotated map in JPEG format. Jam packed full of info and really needs to be deconstructed but very usful  

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